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In Russia, unlike in Europe where Google spadrodeggia with various regional suffixes (.com / .fr / .es / .de and so on – ed) is not the first search engine, but it is (Яндекс).

For those who want to export to Russia (to do export – ed) with an e-commerce site in Russian Yandex it is the main “front door.”

To optimize an e-commerce site in Russia with the aim of facilitating our exports,
we need to understand the mentality and Russian culture.

The most popular e-commerce site in Russia, is not it ‘eBay nor Amazon,
but it is called:
The turnover of Ozon could reach by the end of 2014 a billion dollars.

The trading system of Russia off-line, in 2012, generated a turnover of 670 billion dollars, while the online, only 1.9%.
In China and Brazil, e-commerce accounted for, again in 2012, 5% of all transactions of the respective countries.

Russia, with regard to e-commerce, it is back to nine years than the U.S.A. and seven years than in Britain,

Both the U.S.A. that Britain, in 2003 and 2005, had registered the same volume e-commerce in Russia.
And this means that the Russian consumer model is similar to those in Europe and America, so the Russian model, could replicate that of the U.S.A. and Britain, according to the Morgan Stanley analysts.

Ranking of the most visited sites in Russia:
Avitus (online classified),
KupiVIP, Lamoda (clothing, footwear, accessories),
Biglion (discounts on bulk purchase)
Wikimart (online retail)
AnyWayAnyDay (tickets).

Social media is most common in Russia are:
– VK – VKontakte (ВКонтакте) (228 Million registered users)
It is a file sharing service that lets you download and share videos and music files without any limitations.

– Odnoklassniki (148 million registered users)
It is a social network to keep in contact former classmates (FB style – Facebook “primordial” – ed)

much more common than both Facebook.

The Russian market is growing strongly for several years, but the language used (the Cyrillic alphabet) is a barrier for many Europeans and even Americans.
The Cyrillic characters, for us Europeans, representing “an alien writing”, to say the least incomprehensible!
And this factor has made Yandex, the first player, in Russia, on online searches.

According to a study by Morgan Stanley, Russia,
It is the only outlet to the east of Europe, the crisis that has hit many European countries.

These forecasts according to Morgan Stanley:

2015, e-commerce in Russia will grow and is expected to increase from the current 12 billion dollars to at least 36 billion dollars.

This would represent the real boom for e-commerce sites in Russia.

And this growth will promote the market position of the Russian search engine Yandex.

Russia is the first country in Europe to many users, 71% of the population (87 million people) has access to internet.

The number of sales for luxury products related to fashion and design sectors increased by about + 30%.

87% of Russian users looking for products and services right on Yandex.

In Russia, Yandex, it followed by:
– Bing.

Every day an estimated nearly 60 million people who search the Internet using the search engine Russian

Provided, in Russia, 72 billion dollars in 2020 for e-commerce sites.



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