Request a SEO Specialist – S.E.O.


SEO Specialist – S.E.O.

Where do we start?
From the beginning? Or this?
The now famous phrase “let me,” I would say that at this point I have to say mine.
A few years of silence and “meditation” were sufficient as a SEO Specialist.

Not everyone can make a full time SEO Specialist consultants, because you get to a point where you no longer have the time to do the “classic advice” and concentrate on the “big fish” (customers who pay more, for activities SEO – ed).

So, me and some other “old” SEO Specialist intentionally “left the field”, but apparently, they got only “pischelli mounted and braggarts” as well as pseudo suburban entrepreneurs who make courses and masters, for a fee of course .

So it is time to “put things in order” to Google regarding the SEO Specialist activities.

Who is the real S.E.O. Specialist?

Apart from the “gassed” who believe “God on earth” for having placed some keywords “sector” we can define a real S.E.O. the one who was deceived (they deluded – ed) to become SEO Specialist with an alleged phantom as “certified SEO” thanks to corsettino S.E.O. 350 Euros “all inclusive”?

And if these courses S.E.O. you make of them beardless boys (the pischelli – Ed), how do you in the least believe to be a SEO Specialist?
Where is the experience? If when they were born, Altavista even know (and do not know to this day – ed) what it was?
Everyone talking about Google, but the story, the real search engine, you think you know it?

So it is useless to make a “course” for SEO Specialist?

Why They give “certification”?
But do not make me laugh you still believe in fairy tales !!! What do you want to be certified you, with a few hours of corsettino SEO? They “throw dust in the eyes” and explain you some SEO crap, do you really think of becoming a professional SEO, with a course S.E.O. a few hours?

But who is behind the “courses” for SEO Specialist?

Often former consultants, thrown out of the companies on your ass, you have to balance their budgets, and most of the time entrepreneurs (or better: borrowers – editor’s note) who no longer know where to turn and “ride” the fashion of moment.

Do the SEO Specialist is the fashion of the moment?

No. The “fashion” of the moment are the “courses” or assumed that you would teach a “profession”.
The “fashion” of the moment is unemployment and the mirage, the illusion that you can find work, after making corsettino SEO. This is “the fashion of the moment.” And also I remember being gone for 2 times in the Milanese countryside, moors remotest lands with nothing but with some “business” palace, to talk with these “entrepreneurs” from unclear ideas. I did just waste your time (so much mica paid me – ed), their “art” is to “spremerti experience” the illusion of doing the same things after having talked for a few hours. In the end, came up with the “courses” for SEO, SEM, Web Marketing, have closed their offices in Milan campaigns, and have taken some room for multiple offices, in Milan, to say “we are in Milan for your certification “.