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The role of the SEO Analyst

The SEO Analyst in charge of the garrison area SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so advanced with a focus on recent updates in the industry and helps companies to ensure that they understand how precious their website is, and what you can do to increase its value.

What it is, and what is an SEO analyst?

The SEO Analyst has a good knowledge of AdWords area, social ADV, as well as excellent knowledge of SEO Google tools (gplus, web master tools, analytics)

The analysis tools SEO

The SEO Analyst uses SEO tools (advanced analysis software) and has a strong competence analysis and strategy as well as good knowledge of Excel and PowerPoint for sending reports to clients.
The SEO Analyst / SMO Analyst is responsible for SEO and social media strategies of implementation for customers, and can quickly understand and support initiatives that contribute to the goals and success of customer campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization Analyst

The SEO Analyst helps organizations realize the value of their online presence, it contributes to SEO positioning strategy for sites in the organic results of Google and other search engines and enhance returns from their website with online marketing initiatives.

The SEO Analyst benefits for your business

The SEO Analyst helps maintain a strong online presence, increase conversions from visitors to your web site, and to ensure that the site maintains the standards required by the major search engines including Google, focusing on the improvement of many different aspects of the web site of a company.
The SEO Analyst will propose the most innovative services to help improve their visibility on the internet.