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Better a SEO consultant or agency web SEO agency?
For a company that wants to devote part of its resources to web marketing, that is, the promotion of their activities and products (or services) through the web, it may be necessary to resort to a professional in the industry, providing help valid and an important support in defining the most appropriate strategies to achieve the purpose.
The possibilities available, in this sense, are two: use a web agency or refer to an SEO consultant. What are the advantages and disadvantages that stem from one and the other choice? Decide whether to rely on Seo agency or a consultant can, in any case, to achieve concrete results (provided you focus on qualified professionals): The difference, therefore, lies in the nuances.
First, the holidays as you can easily guess, an agency is based on a specialized staff widened, and therefore is characterized by higher costs than those that might be required by a consultant. On the other hand, precisely because the consultant is alone, you may not be able to provide constant assistance and always ready, available any time, maybe because it is busy with another customer.
Seo advice can help improve services and the traffic of your site
In short, while the agency proposes more substantial costs (needed to support the entire hotel and the different tasks Seo regarding the project to be implemented), the consultant – working for themselves or at most with a few co-workers (or freelance copywriting agencies writing articles and creating guest post) have lower prices, that more can be changed over time and adapted according to the client’s budget.
Obviously, to know the differences and the different opportunities you can not do is request a quote Seo, through which you can understand what the planned activities and what will be the cost for each activity. In principle, a quote optimum Seo is one that also includes a prediction on the impact that action taken will have on the site, both from the point of view of the increase of visibility, both from the point of view of the amount of sales.
There is, therefore, a clear answer about the choice between an agency and a professional that offers advice Seo: a lot also depends on the type of service you need. It is clear, in fact, that for a large company (eg a highly developed e-commerce) is indispensable that the reference professionals are always there and respond in a timely manner and timely to all mail: and this is possible only in the presence of a staff it fed as it is to an agency.
The advantages and disadvantages of a project between the SEO consultants and agencies
On the other hand, for a company of smaller size it may be more convenient to have as a reference a single person, who knows every detail of the customer and knows how to penetrate all its needs. For the rest, the quality of work of consultants Seo and Seo agency can only be assessed based on the results obtained and the prospects proposals. For example, it is good to inquire as to what are the envisaged strategies for the construction of links in the web (the so-called link building) and, more generally, to increase visibility.
In this regard, it should be always kept in mind that SEO is indispensable when it comes to search engines and positioning among the results, but the visibility can intervene in many other ways: for example by creating viral videos, to be published on special platforms so as to be shared as much as possible, and more generally, exploiting social networks, a real concentrate of word of mouth.
Viral marketing, in fact, is a special kind of promotion, from the communicative skills and intuition of a subject (the staff of creative agency, for example), produces a message that is transmitted to a number very high users. The diffusion mode is, in fact, viral, that is comparable to that of a virus, but it also harks back to the classic word of mouth. To learn about a site and its activities, for example, you can bet on the game advertising, which is based on the distribution of e-mail messages to which there are simple games but curious able to attract attention.
When you ask a service for the consulting seo?
In short, you need a support that is both captivating and intriguing, able to arouse curiosity. Here, therefore, the need for original and valuable ideas, which prove to be functional and effective going to increase site traffic. In this case, you may want to target specific target or, more generally, on the great mass, with the understanding that within it the users to whom you aim are also present.
Obviously, the declinations in which viral marketing can appear are always different and numerous: it is just a beginning, which can then be developed according to endless variations, depending on the type of service you want to promote and aim to achieve.
Consultations Seo stem from a careful examination of the steps to follow. First, it is essential to define the objectives to be achieved and identify the goals being sought. This means perform a preliminary analysis of the site, in the case where it is already active, and all the contents that compose it.
Relying on an agency or a SEO consultant? What will be the best choice?
After that, it is necessary to determine which are the target to be detected, that is, to which visitors / users / clients you want to ask. It is clear, in fact, that a site that deals with the sale of luxury watches will have a different communication strategy with respect to a site that offers for sale T-shirts, as are the different types of target.
So as to identify and choose the keywords based on which you want to be searched; keywords must be selected taking into account the competition and search volume. At that point, you can continue defining real objectives, determining even within what timeframe you want to reach them. Once the theoretical phase, the web marketing strategy – whether it is performed by a consultant, is to be developed by an agency – expected to pass the practical phase, going to optimize your site as a whole.
This means, for example, pay attention to its contents taking into account conversions: and this is true not only for textual content (for example, descriptions of items for sale, or the company’s blog post), but also for images, photographs and videos.
Ask a seo consultancy to position your project site on Google
At the same time, they must be optimized all the on-page factors and on-site, the HTML code to the structure, the URL to the meta tags, and so on. Once restored the site, it should act in such a way that it can be known and shown, through the authority and link popularity techniques of increase strategies.
Here, then, that you have to find blogs and sites related to the scope of relevance (taking into account the Facebook pages, Twitter profiles and the various forums), subsequently creating valuable content and themed guest post. Equally important are the reporting and monitoring of the results: which means to control the site’s ranking in search engines according to the detected keywords, think of a constant benchmark competitors’ sites and monitor the link building, considering the results that derived from various links.
Consulting work, both for SEO and for the rest of the activities must be carried out and maintained by the day. On the other hand the services that may be required in this regard are many: from signaling the site on search engines to social media strategy, by in-page SEO optimization (meta tags, tags, rich snippets, and so on) to the optimizations off-page seo (comments, link building, forums and discussions holdings), the options available are almost endless, and also include performance optimization through the implementation of monitoring tools.
Looking for a seo consultant on Google, but you are getting a “single”?
The latter includes not only Google Analytics, which is also the most famous, but also Bing Webmaster Tools, Google Webmaster Tools and several other tools. The analysis of competitors to the study of keywords, by the implementation of rich snippets to the creation of texts in optical Seo, from the monthly report on the progress in the promotion of surveys and contests on social networks, you can indulge in the wide range of opportunities , obviously on the basis of criteria defined specifically according to the needs that are to meet.
Of great importance, for example, link popularity, ie the popularity (fame) which is derived from the links, and allows you to measure and check the reliability of a site and its contents. It is a ranking factor – simplifying the terms of the question – is the number of sites and portals that have links to a site or a page.
Obviously, the higher the number of sites with a link to the site to be promoted, as the latter will rise in the search results. At least from a theoretical point of view, because in fact Google also has the ability to recognize the quality of links and sites in which they are published. In short, better ten links from quality sites and prestige that one hundred links in directories or portals that do not have a precise identity and only serve to accumulate press releases.
The consulting seo oriented on Google becomes increasingly complex and competitive.
It is clear that a full Google Seo project requires a range of global assets, ranging to intersect and intertwine with each other, not limited to the simple insertion of keywords in the pages of a site. And if once the Seo provided for the positioning of a landing page for a keyword, today the scenario has definitely changed, with a landing page where traffic depends on several related keywords, thanks to which user needs are interpreted.
It is this, another reason why decide whether to rely on a consultant or an agency is not easy, and requires a careful evaluation of all the pros and cons from specifications need you want to meet. In any case, an investment Seo Sem and more generally in web marketing is crucial to improve and enhance your Roi (the Return of Investment, return on investment).
It should not be forgotten, on the other hand, a fundamental particular, namely that the activities Seo, and in principle the whole web marketing, are absolutely quantifiable, measurable with accuracy on the basis of data that are incontrovertible. Unlike what happens with the commercials on television or promotional campaigns in the press, on the Internet everything it can be kept under control in a transparent manner on the basis of data analysis tools that allow you to understand with ease gains and monetary revenue associated with each task being performed.
Benefits for the services of a SEO consultant instead of the agency that the project does not follow you as you would like.
The advantages that derive are different: the most important is that in this way we can understand through which channels will get the best results, and consequently to understand where resources, both in terms of money that should be focused in terms of time.
And this applies to both a consultant for an agency. The real web marketing strength should be identified in the ability to track and monitor all activities that are performed: that of moving sections of an image on a page or the creation of a post on a blog, the spread a video on social networks or inserting a link in a forum, every action has consequences that can be viewed and controlled, both immediately and with the passage of time, the short, the medium and long term. They can monitor the effects and development, benefits and possible disadvantages (it is said that you can not make mistakes), so as to react and behave accordingly.
As you can guess, then, so much the use of consultants for Seo as the use of more structured agencies offer advantages: the choice of either option depends on your needs and the type of work you need .