Samsung ready to buy BlackBerry for 7.5 billion dollars

Samsung, would offer 7.5 billion dollars to buy BlackBerry, and its patents.
Operation that had to be “top secret”, in fact the two companies deny and do not confirm the news.
Rumors had grown the title of the BlackBerry + 30%.
Subsequently the denials, the value of the BlackBerry shares plunged by -14%.
This, however, means that there is a real interest from the shareholders to the merger between Samsung and BlackBerry happen.
The news is reported by several newspapers in U.S. ..
Between Samsung (Korean company) and BlackBerry (Canadian company) is hypothesized an agreement between 6 and 7.5 billion dollars.
Offered between 13.35 and $ 15.49 per share.
For the formalization of the offer acquisition between Samsung and BlackBerry, though, we’ll have to wait.


Google: voice translation to the translator Google Translate

Google, according to a report in the New York Times (NYT), would be ready to challenge Skype (which is venturing into the voice translation in real time – editor’s note), with a new feature:
Incoming voice translation to the translator of Google.

It will therefore be possible to have a written translation in real time, directly on the display of your smartphone / tablet / PC (personal computer – ed), a voice dialogue in a foreign language.

The translator of Google, now has:
– 100 million installations on Android platform
– 500 million monthly users in total

The Google Translator, today it translates 90 languages.
For now issue only: written translation, with voice option of the translated text.

Instant voice translation, real-time, it would be for Google, a new source of traffic, given the 2.2% of users lost in the US, after the agreement signed between Firefox (browser for surfing the Internet) and Yahoo !, search engine, “rival” Google.


Google loses 2.2% of online searches in U.S.: after Firefox-Yahoo!

I had already written in this previous post: “Yahoo! recovers positions: will be the default search engine in Firefox instead of Google”
as well: “Even Apple could abandon Google in 2015, as Search Engine”

Yes, finally something is moving in the world of search engines:
Google continues to yield / lose market share in online search, in favor of Yahoo! who for years has remained “the pole” to watch / sleep.

All this has been possible thanks to the agreement made between Yahoo! and Firefox (browser to surf the web – editor’s note), where Yahoo! has taken the place of Google in the online search (in U.S.A.), as the default search engine.

According to data provided by the Statcounter researchers: in the US, Yahoo! goes from 8 to 10%.

In December 2014, Google’s share of searches online computer has fallen, in U.S.A., to 75.3% compared to 77.5% in November 2014.

The agreement between Firefox and Yahoo! has been a blow to Google, and if that were not enough, even Apple would be ready to give up Google, in searches generated by smartphones and tablets, its Safari browser to surf the web from the iPhone and iPad .

Statcounter says that Safari in December 2014 has passed the 54% of all internet traffic generated by mobile devices (smartphones and tablets – ed) in U.S.A.

YahooFirefox-MozillaGoogle Logo 2010

WhatsApp: it has reached 700 million active users

More than 30 billion messages sent daily, to communicate on the App for smartphones.

WhatsApp: chat Mobile, acquired by Facebook for 19 billion dollars,
It confirms the first player for this type of app / chat on the phone.

In August 2014, WhatsApp had 600 million active users.
While today, WhatsApp: it has reached 700 million active users

According to rumors, short, WhatsApp you can also make phone calls and you can also use the PC (personal computer – ed).
Recall that the app to chat you can install only on smartphones, and not on the normal desktop / laptops / notebooks.

Among the similar App to WhatsApp, Messenger are always owned by Facebook,
with a share of 500 million monthly users in November 2014,
which became mandatory on Facebook to chat with friends via the social smartphones and tablets.

Next, there is: Snapchat, which has not yet declared the “official” number of active users that use
the message chat disposable and of “self-destruct” after a time set by the message sender.
It is assumed between 100 and 200 million active users.


Snapchat is worth 10 Billion dollars

Snapchat, chat to mobile smartphones, it is the app of the messages that “self-destroy” after being read by users, collect additional funds: 486 million dollars, and increases its overall value.

In just three years Snapchat worth 10 billion dollars.

The news of the Financial Times.

Assessments of technological start up, in U.S.A. (And never in Italy – ed) are continuing to rise even though they are in the first initial stages of development.

Recall also that Snapchat, Facebook turned down the offer of 3 billion dollars.


Amazon has lost 22% of its value in 2014

2014 was a bad year for both Amazon and for its founder Jeff Bezos.
The worst for Amazon since 2008 when stock titles have lost -44%.

The news of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ).
Jeff Bezos, Amazon has 84 million shares (18.3% of the company) with a current value of 26.1 billion dollars.

In 2014, Amazon has lost 22% of its value.
Jeff Bezos, CEO and founder of Amazon lost, in 2014 well 7.4 Billion dollars.