Christmas 2014, search eBay: Italian late for Christmas gifts

As per tradition, the “average Italian” always does everything at the last minute:
from travel, to Christmas presents.

The technology is women, which in 74% of cases, they think to make purchases of Christmas gifts online, through e-commerce sites.

Is the data emerging from some research commissioned by eBay ahead of the Christmas holidays.

– 44% of adults who seeks inspiration for gifts online, using the internet before deciding
– 46% of people who start to think about the real Christmas to put under the tree only to December
– 14% do not plan to address before the last week before Christmas
– 3% wait for the very last days of Christmas available.

Also confirmed for Christmas 2014, the trend “last minute”:
the peak day for purchases on e-commerce site eBay, is scheduled for December 15.

Who will take care of Christmas presents?
– Women (74%) with an average of 10 gifts, and an average cost of Euro (€) 185,00
– Men (29%) with an average of 7 gifts, and an average cost of Euro (€) 204.00

Where you will spend more for Christmas gifts?
1) Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta: with an average cost of Euro (€) 222,00
2) Lombardia: with an average expenditure of Euro (€) 213,00

To be expected for the Christmas gift?
– The partner / companion / a / girlfriend / boyfriend
– to children

Forecasts declining, according eBay, for sales in Coomerciali centers:
– 34% of Italians will use a mobile phone: smartphone and / or tablet to buy direct at least one Christmas gift.


16% of Italian connects to the Internet using only your smartphone and / or tablet

Therefore, these users using the Internet “only mobile”, ignore the PC (personal computer – ed) and / or notebook (laptop – ed).

I wonder how anyone can “work” using these devices: Smartphone and / or tablet
So I gather, that this type of user, or 16%, using the internet to “leisure” or transactions “not too difficult”, type to “gossip” on social networks, or talk about the “football match” and the usual arguments “free time.”

Returning to ComScore data, which carried out this research, we have also:
– 42% of people are using the web only by PC (personal computer – ed) and / or notebook (laptop – ed).
– 42% of users go online on both platforms: PC (personal computer – ed), smartphone and / or tablet.

24.3 Millions of Italians watch videos from desktop (PC and / or laptop – ed)
and 12.3 million online users watch mobile videos (smartphone and / or tablet – ed).

According to the data for September 2014:
users who watch videos on your smartphone at least once a month are 49% of the total mobile.
(The figure was 38% in September 2013).

While people who watch video on smartphone and / or tablet, at least once per day, are 15%
(Compared to 12% a year ago).

Therefore, it follows that: the user is moving, increasingly, on the mobile, thanks to social networks.