Google+ Plus has 343 million active users at the end of 2012

The social network: Google+ Plus, launched by Google, took second place among the social networks, in about a year and a half of life. For now, the first is always FaceBook.

These are the data of the study report published by GlobalWebIndex,
referred to the last quarter of 2012:

– FaceBook in first place with 693 million active users
– Google+ Plus in second place with 343 million active users
– YouTube in third place with less than 300 million active users
– Twitter in fourth place with 288 million active users

Sold 120 Million Tablets in 2012

And ‘This is the estimate made by ABI Research.
Half ‘of the tablet will be sold in the US market.

And in 2013 continues “fashion” of “tavoltta” tablet
which should reach 145 million units sold by the end of the year.

The growth will be possible thanks to the arrival of Microsoft’s models
and other competitors that will sell its tablet in more ‘cost effective compared to the current market average.

In Italy: 85% of young people under 30 use the Internet

The fact that emerges from the report produced by the Institute Toniolo Young.
And ‘in line with the target “under 30” of the other young Europeans.

The 3 young beliefs about 4, Internet users under 30, are that:
“New technologies have increased the participation and leading to the renewal of society ‘.”

What do young people do on the web?
– Send email (8 of 10)
– Read the online newspapers (50%)
– To publish opinions and comments (1 of 3)

Twitter is worth 9 billion dollars, at the beginning of 2013

In 2011, Twitter was worth less than $ 8 billion,
and just 7 months before was worth 3.7 billion dollars.

Revenues expected to climb to one billion dollars, between the end of 2013, and 2014.

BlackRock bids from $ 80 million to purchase securities by employees.

Twitter was launched in 2006, and has doubled the number of its members in 2010,
reaching a total of 200 million people.

Consider that Zynga capitalization is approximately $ 1.9 billion,
while the capitalization of Groupon, is about $ 3.4 billion.

Nokia: 4th quarter 2012 in useful with 202 Million Euro

The profit will be invested by Nokia to boost its brand and products.
Worth noting that in the same period of 2011
Nokia had closed the 4th quarter with a loss of 1.07 billion euros.
The positive result for the 4th quarter of 2012, surprised analysts,
they had expected Nokia still a loss, but it did not happen.

Nokia in 2012 sold 86.3 million mobile phones

Apple and Samsung, Nokia have put in difficulty (the Finnish mobile phone giant)
but in 2013, it opens with a 2012 draw thanks to the sale of 4.4 million Lumia smartphones,
compared to 2.9 in the previous quarter.
The optimists also expect an operating profit.

Nokia phones sold Total: 86.3 million mobile phones in 2012,
of which 9.3 million of low-cost smartphone models (the cheapest) series: Asha

LinkedIn: more than 200 million subscribers in early 2013

160 million unique visitors per month.
Over 64% of LinkedIn members are located outside of the U.S.

LinkedIn is now up to 200 million subscribers in the world: two new per second.
Currently the social network and ‘to the number 23 of the most’ visited websites in the world.

In March 2011: it had reached 100 million users.
LinkedIn has implemented 13 new languages, and the site has 19 different languages, totals.