Analyzes Procurement OnLine in 2011 on the Web

Research by: Nextplora: “Make ends meet on the Internet”,
It explores the reasons and methods of use of the Internet for online purchases.

– The potential response to the crisis
– The investigation of the deal and savings
– The easiest way to access the whims satisfaction and impulse purchases.

Internet is chosen, the respondents, more and more frequently:
– Purchase of airline tickets or train
– Obtain information about schedules,
– Routes of travel and price (34%)
– Book travel and hotels (32%)
– Buy books (32%)
– Buy clothing (29%)
– Have ability to access unobtainable goods in the shops usually frequented (36%)
– Find products otherwise inaccessible without discounts and online promotions (23%)
– Searching for information leading to the not go wrong buying (64%)
– Comparison of the prices and the search for the most beneficial (56%)
– Promotions reserved online purchase (42%)
– Auctions (34%)
– Savings Source (27%)

Another interesting fact:
– 61% of users who buy products and services online that states would not have bought them offline (in traditional stores)

The main visited web sites to make purchases:
– Online shops (53%)
– Official online ticket offices (46%)
– Virtual Outlet (40%)

E-Bay, Amazon, Groupon and Bol are the most popular sites, by users.

The survey, Nextplora Syste Dynamic Survey, was conducted on a sample of 1,026 respondents representative of the Internet population aged 16 and over, medians a self-filling out a structured online questionnaire. Data acquisition was carried out through the interface C.A.W.I.

Google against Expedia, Orbitz and Priceline for online travel business

In 2009 Google acquired ITA Software, which is a society ‘that provides information on flights.

Google “takes all.”
The temptation was great … and it was so … that even Google has been able to resist to gain market share in the online travel industry, which is worth $ 110 billion.

The news is given by the WSJ (Wall Street Journal):
from December 2011, Google will offer to the navigators,
Also the results of research on air flights.

The giants (for now) in the industry: Expedia, Orbitz and Priceline have a single chorus expressed:
“Google is abusing its power.”

To date, the 10-20% of the traffic of the Internet sites, the current players in the online travel: Expedia, Orbitz and Priceline is generated just from Google itself, using the search engine that people use to conduct their own research online.

Blackberry for sale? Likely offer by Microsoft and Nokia

This is what says the WSJ (Wall Street Journal).

Bad quarterly results Reserach in Motion (the maker of the Blackberry)
Sink securities listed on the stock exchange and in recent days there have been many investors who have asked:
1) changes at the top
2) the total sale of the company that makes Blackberry

The negotiations, show the difficulty ‘objective by Research in Motion, the maker of the Blackberry, which has entered the “crosshairs” of many companies willing to incorporate:
Microsoft and Nokia, in the first place.
Samsung and HTC, for some agreements concerning the license of new operating system product.

Despite the “Top Managers” of the company, as expected, they are quick to deny these “rumors” the title, has continued to lose value.

52% of Italians when watching TV also uses the Internet

Many people think that the Internet “steal” time on TV but it is not so; simply it overlaps.
According to a research by Nextplora, 52% Italian deli, while watching television, even using the computer connected to the Internet and 31% are also using social networks (and 96% of these were enrolled in Facebook).
In Italy there are over 21 million registered users in Facebook.

40% of Italians have never used the Internet

This is what they say to Eurostat data, according to which only 13% of Italians have used the online services of “online red tape”, against 28% in the European Union.

4 out of 10 Italians, aged between 16 and 74 years have never used the internet.

Web nothing for the 40% of Italians?
Strange but true.
The average for the European Union: 24% of citizens said they had never surfed the web.

And Shopping online? How many carry them to shop?
27% Italian
58% of the EU average.

If so, all Audiweb data should be revised downwards.

Samsung has sold: 300 million smartphones in 2011

The best selling product in 2011, Galaxy S II, with 10 million units sold.

According to data from Strategy Analitics: Samsung, the South Korean company, in the third quarter of 2011, it had sold 27.8 million copies in the world, surpassing Apple (17.1 million).

Smartphone Samsung 300 million sold worldwide, is the current record of the company.

94% of Italian enterprises use the Internet, and 62.2% have web site

This was communicated by Istat, in its report on “Information technology and communication in enterprises.”

It shows that only 35% of companies have a website (62.2%) have an interaction with the user, and is able to offer a high service in terms of loyalty.

The website is not ‘a “showcase” of which forget.
94.3% of companies with 10 or more employees have an Internet connection, but despite this, only 35% of companies, is able to understand and make the most of the potential that the Internet is able to offer.

Unbelievable, but true, at the gates of 2012, seems to still be in 1998! And it gets better with the interaction with the P.A. (Public administration).

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11 million: Italians who surf the Internet with your Smartphone

This is what they say to Nielsen updated the 3rd quarter of 2011 presented at the IAB Seminar in Fieramilanocity: Italians who utilizano Internet with your smartphone are 11 million people.

Today, smartphones have spread very quickly: 50% of mobile phones are used by Italian Smartphone. Until a few years ago almost no one used them.

Smartphone sales have far exceeded the cellular models of “normal”.

Censis: 53.1% of Italians use the Internet

The web users in 2011 exceeded the 50% of the population, reaching the 53.1% threshold:
– 87.4% youth
– 15.1% elderly

This is a report in the 45th Annual Report of Censis on Italy’s social situation which shows that require the user to choose and decide on the date to suit your needs.

Uses of the web:
– Look for a road or a Location ‘(using digital maps): 37.9%
– Research and Listening to Music Tracks (especially by young people): 26.5%
– Home Banking: 22.5%
– Practices with Administrative Offices: 9.7%
– Booking a Medical Visit: 3.9%

Young people are different from others in a meaningful way:
– Listen to music: 52.5%
– Find the Roads: 46.5%
– Watch Movies: 34%

The job search through the network, and ‘the 4th activity’, in order of importance, that young people play on the web.

The figure at the national level and ‘equal to 12.3%,
that rises to 26.8% among young people.
(Both among young people who already have a job that among those who do not intend to look for him, ’cause still students or for other reasons).

41% is the rate of use of the Internet to search for their own work among the non-employed.

More than 2.3 million registered .com sites

These are the figures released by the ( (the registry office of the National Institute domains of Informatics and Telematics (IIT) of the National Research Council in Pisa).

The average is about 42,000 records per month (compared to 36,000 in 2010).
Approximately 17% is the average monthly increase in new registrations with .com domain