Technology – Samsung collapses of -60% in the profits because of Apple (with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus) And ‘the worst quarter since 2009. Samsung came back for 5 years! In the third quarter of 2014, profit (-60%) Samsung OS is 4,100 Billion Won (3.8 billion dollars). The biggest drop was recorded in the sales of smartphones, because of competition from Apple (with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus) in addition to […]

Technology – Google goes to India and preparing the anti-WhatsApp, while Yahoo! buys MessageMe According to some “rumors” of the past few days, reported by Economic Times: Google would be working to create a new app for the exchange of messages (for smartphones phones – ed) and challenge WhatsApp. Google, in early 2014, offered 10 billion dollars to buy WhatsApp, but the offer of Fecebook (19 billion dollars) it […]

Technology – 1 Dollar U.S.A. ($) Worth 38.03 rubles. negative record for the currency of Russia

tricor share price Russian agencies reported that the dollar ($) U.S.A. exceeded for the first time in its history the 38.03 Russian rubles, with 1 dollar U.S.A. ($) You have: 38.03 Russian rubles at current exchange value. The situation in Ukraine and sanctions passed to Russia in addition to the new incoming Western sanctions have led to the […]

Technology – Looking for an Online Marketing Manager or Translator English-French-German-Chinese-Indian-Spanish-Russian?

Premise: I wrote this post long ago, before working with the current company S.p.A. with which I collaborate, today. The “transition” between the old society “GmbH” and the new ‘Inc.’ It was a period full of telephone conversations, meetings and knowledge, with many people (I think having spoken between your phone and personal meetings: at […]